About Berners

Owning a Berner

The beautiful and majestic Bernese Mountain Dog is a versatile and intelligent working breed from the mountains of Switzerland. The Bernese Mountain Dog was first recognized by the American Kennel Club as part of the working group in 1937.  Originally the Berner was used as a farm dog, being able to herd livestock, standing guard over his farm, pulling carts of produce, and still having the capacity to be a loving companion to its owner.  The Bernese Mountain Dog has become a popular choice as a family pet due to their calm and sweet temperament. Our Berners are raised for families to love and enjoy.

Bernese at Moose Crossing.

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   The Bernese Mountain Dog will range from 23 to 28 inches tall and weigh between 80 to 120 pounds.

Activity Level:

   The Bernese Mountain Dog is a playful breed, yet not a very high energy breed. After playing, they will soon mellow down and chose to lay down comfortably wherever the owner is present.  


   This is generally a healthy breed, but like all canines, there are certain things to be aware of. Because of their size, hips and elbows can be a concern. However, we have very good healthy bloodlines. We continue to strive for health and monitor our litters long after they have left our family to assure a quality Berners.


   They are like a big love bug with a calm and sweet temperament. Bernese Mountain Dogs love hugs and attention. We raise our dogs for health and temperament. They are socialized from the moment they are born. All births are supervised. Our dogs are raised to work as therapy dogs, so temperament is very important to us.



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